Scaled Reproduction

In this unit we are now learning about and doing scaled reproduction. Scaled reproduction is when you have images and then you resize them to make one picture. Scaled reproduction is probably used by architects because of all the scaling they have to do when they apply their drawings to a larger scale.  Anyone can do scaled drawing, such as cartoonists or sketchers.

To do a scaled drawing you can follow the following steps:

  1. Get a picture and print it out (best in black and white)
  2. Draw 1cm x 1cm grids on the picture
  3. Now to the math, scale the picture, like 4:1
  4. Draw the scaled grids on another piece of paper
  5. Label letters vertically, and numbers horizontally according to the grids
  6. Now draw whatever you see in the grids!

Natural pictures or organic pictures are best for scaled reproduction because they are less linear than man-made pictures and makes it easier to draw and paint. Also there are not so many straight lines.

Here is some examples of my scaled reproduction:

As you can see, I am not finished with my product yet. The first picture is the sketch, and the second picture is after I started painting.


The theme of my artwork is drink driving. I want people to see that it is not safe to drink and drive. I chose this theme because I have heard and seen many road accidents and most road accidents start with a driver being drunk. Also teenagers and young adults often get drunk and then they start driving, causing accidents to occur.


I think that I did well on my scaled reproduction because the theme is obvious and so that would let people know immediately what the theme is. I think that both the beer bottle and glass look great with the colors and was to the help of Mr Pat.  I really think that I could improve on my paintings and drawing because the drawing was not well polished and also my paintings don’t have much texture as it is supposed to be. My reproduction of the images were actually really good. I only need to polish them. The sizes fit well but I did have trouble at the beginning when I drew too man lines and grids until I got confused with the grids. So I had to erase lots of lines until there were no more confusing lines (i was warned). I think that the viewers will realize that whenever they drink and drive, they will be in Death’s hands or in this case hand. They will have more understanding and get a different point of view the next time they drive, to think wether or not they should drink before driving.

Overall I think that I did a good job. I was not really challenged much during this unit except for when I had to ask Mr Pat to make some colors for me since I couldn’t judge myself. Painting was not hard but it needed a lot of care. The most difficult part is deciding where to put what in what places. I found it annoying that I had to draw the grids and then ersae them again since I did them wrong. My artwork is original because I came up with the idea by myself. Well, it was not really original, I got the idea from a book talking about death and then I got the idea of having death holding the beer bottle, beer glass and key. My time was managed pretty well I think except at the beginning when I was not prepared for class. I think that this time, I had my ever fullest concentration on while drawing and painting.

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Self Portraits

In Grade 8, our new unit is Digital Art. We are now looking at self portraits.

Here is a list of Terminology that we will be using this unit:










Here is some example of Self Portrait of famous people:

This is a self portrait of Vincent van Gogh

Boddy-Evans, By Marion. “Famous Paintings — Famous Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait Painting From 1886.” Painting — Learn How to Paint, Painting Tips, Creativity. Web. 21 Sept. 2010. <>.

This is a self portrait of Any  Warhol

“Andy Warhol – American Pop Artist.” Artist Quotes – Art Quotes – Famous Artists – Fine Artists. Web. 22 Sept. 2010. <;.


1. What is a self-portrait?What are some famous self-portraits? (historical context)
2. Why do you think artists make pictures of themselves?
3. How do I create a digital self-portrait?
4. What images are best for creating a self-portrait?
5. Do you think the artist used a mirror. If not how do you think they worked?
6. What kind of person do you think the artist was. Is there anything in the  picture that might help you find an answer?
7.What kind of mood do you think the artist was trying to create?
8. How have they created that mood?
9. Have any artists used distortion?.
If they have, why have they done that do you think?


1. A painting, drawing or a piece of art the represents the artist, drawn by the artist. A self portrait can be a portrait of the artist but the artist has to be the one that drew the portrait. Some famous self portraits come are from Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

2. I think that Artists make pictures of themselves is because they want to express themselves in a different way, other than their normal looks. I think that they want to express who they really are, apart from their looks.

3.  There are different ways I can create a digital self portrait. I could take a picture of myself, take a mirror a draw with the mouse, I can also imagine how I look or how I want to look and draw it with the mouse, maybe I can also make a digital collage using different pictures and forming my face, or create it using words to form an image.

4. The images that are best used is close-up picture of yourself, a profile picture or an image that only has your face.

5. I think that some artists use mirrors but some don’t. Those who don’t use their imagination to do a self portrait.

6. You can tell what kind of person the artist was because it would show in the portrait. In Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait, his ear was missing, indicating that he was either crazy or disabled.

7. The mood could be anything from Happy to Mad Eye Moody. The mood depends on how the artist feels on the day that he makes the picture.

8. They could have made a mood shown in the self portrait by it being shown on the artists’ face or the background!

9. There are many artists now a days that uses distortion. I think that they use distortion because they want their art to look good and unique, not like other people’s artwork.

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I have finally finished my artwork, which is my 2 point perspective name. My name is on a pink skysurfing board. The board was to be red but then our objects had to have different tones of the same color so red+white=pink(highlight the blank space). The background of my picture is blue and green for the sky and land. My clouds are whit, nothing unusual about that.

Here is my Finished Product, mounted and on my work folder:

I think that if my board was smaller, as well as my name, then it would look as if was actually in the air because now it looks as if it is crashing down to earth. Also I think that if there was less green, then there will be more sky and then it would look as if it is surfing down. Next time I might even make the board face upwards so it wouldn’t give the impression that it is crashing down to earth!

While others had already finished planning and have started drawing already, I was still trying to get the hang of drawing in 2 point perspective. I really had difficulty and I kept on practicing until it was too late so I had to ask Mr Pat for help again. After that, while others have already started painting, I was still deciding on a design. I intended to have my name turned into a bus, then a train,  the stonehenge, my name on a ski, my name on a surfboard, a parachute, and finally I had my name skysurfing.

I was doing a fine job until I was nearly finished. I ruined my picture before it was finished! I was not thinking on the day that I outlined my name in white. Everything was looking good except that my name was outlined in white. None of my peers understood why I had that on and neither did I. To make up for that mistake, I had to try to mix the same shade of yellow again so that it would cover the white but since it was a rushed job, you can still see some white on my name and the color that I mixed to cover the white was not the same as the color on my name.

The pink board has given me ideas of how to change the picture and make something out of this such as I could change my background and instead put a face so that the board would change into a tongue, since it is pink!

Overall I think that this is a good piece of artwork, excluding the fact that I was slow at designing and disorganized. I really like this artwork, it is so neat that I can hardly believe that it was me who made this artwork. If you compared this to my other works, this is one of the really neater ones, maybe the only neat one!

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I am Stuck!

I’m still trying to decide what my name is going to look like. Basically my first idea was to have my name in the shape of a train but then it was too hard and there were curves so I gave up on that then I thought about doing something with the Stonehenge but I still don’t know how to fit my name into that! 😦

I am still struggling to even write my name with 2 point perspective! I guess I’ll have to practice more. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. 🙂

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Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my Grade 8 Art Blog. I will update the blog every time I do some new things in art. So the blog will be updated often. Remember this blog has nothing to do with my grade 7 blog so if you want to see the other blog, check out the link!

Enjoy my artworks everybody!

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